NEC NC3200S 33,000 Lumen Projector

We’re looking into large scale projection in our sanctuary.  “Environmental Projection” is the buzz word.  Basically turning our back wall into a huge, 100′ x 18′, canvas to project onto.  To do this well and overcome the stage lighting it will take some large projectors.  The NEC NC3200S is just that, ha ha, 33,000 lumens!

It’s a little different than your typical multimedia projector.  It’s designed for the cinema market, aka movie theaters.  But as long as you don’t need to move your projector around often, that’s not really a drawback.  There’s just one or two extra things to set up.  Mainly the exhaust duct for the heat which is the chimney thing at the top.

Other than the extra setup needs and not being designed to be portable it has a lot going for it.  Cost vs output is very good, cheapest I’ve found at the 30,000+ lumens range so far.  Lamps are relatively cheap.  It’s 3-chip DLP running at 2k resolution (2048 x 1080).  All promising stuff.  If this is too much output for your application they also have two smaller versions, 18,300 lumens and 9,300 lumens.

We will be getting something at some point and this is the front runner right now.  Still looking at other options though and things change all the time.  I’ll keep posting updates as the search continues.

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