Panasonic 20,000 Lumen DLP Projector

Panasonic has just come out with a new projector that’s pretty cool. 20,000 lumens, DLP, very quiet, and light for a projector with this kind of output. It’s also a little over full HD resolution at 1920 x 1200.

Panasonic was nice enough to come out with one of these brand new projectors and give us a demo in house.  This was a great opportunity to see what a 20,000 lumen DLP projector looks like hitting our rear wall.

The results were very nice.  This is about half the size and half the noise of our 18,000 lumen Christie projector we have.  The color and image quality from the projector was very good.  There’s also all kinds of image warping and blending options built into the projectors that you access from optional software.  In our case we’ll be controlling that stuff from the media servers but I’m sure someone will take advantage of that feature.

Output wise it looks like it could be a good option for us.  It seems like we got enough output to overcome our stage lights.  Because of the 16:10 format it would take 4 of these to completely cover our stage.  That would make this option a little more expensive than a setup with 3 projectors but these are smaller and quieter. Everything is a compromise.


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