Triple Stack Projection Test

We have been renting projectors to use for environmental projection for Nights of Worship.  At some point we will be installing a permenant setup and we have been researching projector options.  Recently I tested three 12,000 lemun projectors stacked to create 36,000 lumens of output.

With the three projectors we got to see in person what 12,000, 24,000, and 36,000 lumens looks like on our back wall.  Ultimately we will be covering about 100′ x 18′ of stage wall.  We need enough punch to give us a nice image and overcome the bleed of the stage lights onto the wall.  It’s the shadow and black detail that gets lost first when we bring up our stage lighting.  That’s mainly why we need so much intensity from the projectors.

For the amount of area that each projector will have to cover on our wall it’s looking like we will need three 30,000+ lumen projectors to have the intensity we want.  This will give us almost 100,000 total lumens for the whole wall vs the 36,000 lumens we have been renting.

Here’s a simple video from my iPhone showing the difference between 12, 24, and 36k lumens.  My buddy covered and uncovered the lenses of the projectors to change the output.  Since my phone was adjusting the iris for the brightness you notice the change in the level of the background more than the color bars.


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