Cinetics CineSkates

Camera dolly shots are always a nice touch to video.  But dolly systems are expensive and not the most portable things.  Cinetics led a successful KickStarter campaign a little while ago.  They developed their own portable dolly system, CineSkates.

As long as you have a smooth surface you can get those nice dolly shots with your DLSR, GoPro, or any other small format camera.  They even have an iPhone mount, ha ha.  Now dolly shots are affordable and portable for smaller projects

They also have the CineSquid.  Instead of the dolly wheels you have three powerful suction cups.  Now you can mount your camera to any smooth surface like a car or a window.  I used this to get some cool rig shots on my car not that long ago.  Between the skates and the squid you’ve got a lot of options.

Anyway it’s nice product and I figured I’d share!

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