Cinetics Just Launched A New Kickstarter Campaign

Cinetics launched their CineSkates about a year ago and now they have a new Kickstarter campaign.  The CineMoco system is their new product line built around a dolly track system.  What interests me is the Cinemoco device itself which can control the motorized wheels and the camera.  Controlling these together can allow for some cool motion time lapse stuff.

The system looks pretty comprehensive, seems like they have done their homework.  Price wise it seems pretty good compared to other motorized systems I’ve look at.  Definitely worth checking out!

CineMoco Kickstarter Campaign

Update:  I was wondering what the minimum step is on their motor system.  I wrote them and they answered right away.  They said their system can take steps as small as 0.1mm.  So ultra-smooth time lapses shouldn’t be a problem.  I also noticed that you can purchase additional lengths of the SkateTracks for more moment if you want.  I actually just pledged to pick up a system, ha ha, couldn’t resist!  They say I should have the system in October so keep an eye out for a hands on review!

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